This one-pager is dedicated to showing you how our services can benefit your business and how we believe we can help increase your sales using lead generation, automation, lead nurturing and follow ups.

There are three main segments to our service; Lead Generation, Direct Marketing Automation & CRM/Sales Systems.

When you are ready to proceed, simply book into a discovery call and we can see if we’d be the right fit for each other.

There are 2.6 billion users of Facebook/Instagram every month – put your business in front of them!
With the time people spend on social media, and the way they do so, strong disruptive social media ads will not only generate traffic, but also target the people who have shown interest in what your business offers.


We’ll be using Facebook & Instagram Ads to target your potential customers, using tried and tested methods of narrowing down your ads to be shown to the people who are most likely to become your customers.


Keep reading to learn how we’ll go about this… or book your discovery call now!

Meta Custom Audiences

Meta has 13 custom audiences, from as complicated as people that have checked out in store to as simple as those that have watched your videos. The ones that most people don’t know about that are really powerful, customer lists (email and phone number lists you can upload directly to Meta), and any Pixel data from website visitors or app users. 

What Meta also allows us to do is create “lookalike” audiences, these are people similar to those that you have already identified as perfect customers, so we can use their similarities to find other people with those interests and behaviours to show your products too in hope of expanding your audience wider.


All of these audiences can be used across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Meta’s Audience Network.


There isn’t much point getting leads in if you don’t have an effective strategy to follow them up while they are most likely to be interested. 

We utilise Email and 
WhatsApp automation to respond to leads at the times that work best to nurture sales, including immediate follow ups in responses to the lead submitting their information. 

A series of 6 additional Emails and WhatsApp messages over a 2 week period will send information and encourage leads to take further action while your team can reach out to them if required. This time period we have found to be the most effective, although some lead times can be longer depending on the product, and the time between outreach can be flexible. 

Google is pushing 1st party data…

Google recently announced the removal of cookies, and there is a real emphasis on generating more in the way of 1st party data. That is data you own and can directly market to further down the line, and having automation set up for that is essential.


Using WhatsApp’s API, this system can do a lot! 

Unlike WhatsApp Business, this allows you to create automated messages that can be triggered even before a customer has initiated a conversation directly with you. 

We create a verified business WhatsApp account, submit that to Meta to be approved and associated with your business as a direct line of contact for your potential customers to get in touch.

Team Inbox

Perhaps the biggest time saver is having multiple user access to the system, from both desktop browsers and mobile app access. This means when you aren’t available, someone in your team can take over the conversation. 

The system will allow you to reassign the conversation to someone else in your team, automate who the message is assigned to based on triggers, and even tell you when someone else in the team is typing to avoid 2 messages being sent at the same time. 

We create a verified business WhatsApp account, submit that to Meta to be approved and associated with your business as a direct line of contact for your potential customers to get in touch.

Open, Read & Reply Rates

This is where it is miles away from email marketing. Because automated messages are pre-approved by Meta, similar to ads reviews, it guarantees your messages will be delivered to their WhatsApp inbox just like any other message. No spam folders, no “promotions” tab, directly in their inbox. And since most people have only 1 WhatsApp number, the read rates are high.

We’ve seen an average of just under 90% across our clients, but the big number is the reply rate, which can average over 40%. These are people taking actual actions to either reply or press auto-reply prompts in your message, actively engaging in the content.

Because read receipts happen live within WhatsApp’s system, they aren’t impacted by cookies or any privacy restrictions that pixel data has been impacted by. It is essentially on-platform data.  

Automated Flows

Whether triggered from automation, a specific button your customer has pressed, or triggered manually by one of your users in a conversation, flows can be very powerful. 

These similar to chat bots in that they will ask questions directly of the person you are interacting with, and store their answers similar to how an online form would collect that information. These flows can answer questions, direct people to the right place, or qualify potential leads based on their answers. All done inside a potential customer’s WhatsApp.

Templated Broadcast Messages

These are messages that go through Meta’s approval process and can be triggered to be sent either as part of automation or broadcast out like mass-mailers. These messages can include images, videos, documents, outbound URLs or auto-reply buttons, as well as being personalised with merge variable fields similar to emails. 

As these messages are required to be submitted to Meta to be used, they guarantee delivery, and can trigger even before a customer has opened WhatsApp on their side. 


The system has native integrations with all the softwares above, plus as a result of direct integration with Zapier and Pabbly can connect to almost any popular software out there. 

This means anything you can trigger in Zapier can trigger a WhatsApp message to send. 

Keyword Triggers

Use commonly asked questions or specific keywords to trigger automated replies, videos, images or flows to be sent to customers while waiting for a user to take over. These can be tied to specific auto-reply buttons and can encourage engagement and conversation from your potential customer to answer questions while taking time away from you. 

From customer service questions like pricing or delivery information, through to lead nurturing and data capture, these triggers can increase conversion rates. 

We set up a dedicated Sales, CRM, and Marketing Automation system that your team can utilise for all of the following plus more

  • Marketing Automation
    • Customisable workflows
    • Custom Fields
    • Built-in multi-channel message sending
    • Time-based Flows
    • Event-based flows
    • Webhooks & In-flow operations
    • Integrated Website Builder
    • Integrated Funnel Builder
    • Integrated WordPress hosting
    • Form & Survey Builder
    • Affiliate Manager
    • Online Reputation and review manager
  • Sales & Opportunity Management
    • Customisable pipelines
    • Opportunity value, stages & statuses
    • Drag & drop Kanban style opportunity management
    • Integrated sales calling through system
    • Centralised conversation management
    • Comprehensive booking system with personal and team calendars
    • Manage Invoices and payments
  • Email Builder
    • Drag & Drop builder
    • Merge variables and personalisation
    • Easy to use interface
    • Dynamic elements and e-commerce integration
    • Track opens, clicks & media views
  • Social Media Scheduler
    • Schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Manage blog posts
    • Shared content calendar in one place
  • Analytics
    • Email Reports
    • Conversion Analysis
    • Web analytics
    • Integrated Meta and Google ads reporting
    • Team performance analysis
    • Campaign performance analysis
  • Customer Management
    • Centralised conversation management across email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more
    • Log calls, notes and tasks
    • Track history of customer interactions
    • Unlimited customisation via custom fields
  • Memberships
    • Manage your existing client base via memberships
    • Introduce courses and training programs for your services
    • Create your own web app for customers to access your member content
  • Integrations
    • Native Facebook Integration
    • Native Zapier Integration
    • Native Stripe Integration
    • Mobile App for on the go
    • Webhook support
    • Media centre for hosting PDFs, images and videos

It combines all the things MailChimp, Klaviyo, Salesforce, Calendly, PDF Hosting and Hubspot can do for a fraction of the cost. 


Full marketing automation action by dozens of individual triggers. From email opens to appointment bookings and more. You can also integrate any 3rd party system via Zapier.

Customer Management

Robust customer management with support for custom fields and full automation support. Create dedicated lists, tasks, and filters to view your data your way. Segment your data with Smart lists and tags.

Use your customer data in dynamic email and landing page content to add that peronalised touch to your funnel.

Use the centralised conversation management tool to track your conversations across multiple platforms in one place.

Campaign Analytics

Manage all of your marketing data in one place. From PPC and social ad data, to web analytics and email reporting.

Email Builder

Simple and easy email builder with templates, drag & drop sections that are adaptable to devices, as well as individual elements that can be added to each section with easy. 

Pull through merge variants from every field that you have for a customer to make tailored emails and personalisation even easier than ever before. 

Explore a wide range of pre-made templates to give you a starting point. With examples across most industries, you are sure to find something you can use. 

Step 1: Onboarding, Content Gathering & Initial Ideation

First things first – we need to get access to your systems and set up the automations that we will be implementing. Sometimes this can be simple if everything is set up already in your accounts, other times it will involve creating new business assets online. Either way, this is the first thing to get sorted. 

You will need a verified Meta Business Manager for the WhatsApp automation to be authorised. This is free, and if it isn’t already set up we can guide you in creating it, just note that it can sometimes take a few extra days for Meta to verify your business. 

We will also require any content that you have be shared across with the team so we can see what has worked and what we can implement into the new automations. 

During this initial meeting, the team will get a better understanding on how your business works, what you are doing at the moment that does and doesn’t work, and what you want the journey to look like. 

We will then create a rough plan for the customer journey, automation, and ad structure based on what would be best for your business. 

Step 2: Plan Approval & Implementation

After our initial meeting, the team will generate a plan based on what you tell us which will structure the emails, WhatsApps, adverts and general automation.

We will run through this plan with you on a call with a screen share to show you what the final product will look like, and any smaller tweaks that you feel need to be made to that plan we can implement. 

IMPORTANT: Once this step is approved, we will put the plan into action. Think of this as the step where you approve the strategy and framework of the campaigns.

Whilst there will be a chance to make small edits and changes to certain ad content, emails and WhatsApp messages, any systemic changes in the structure of the campaign after this stage has been approved will be an additional cost due to the time this step takes, so make sure you are happy before giving the green light.

Step 3: Final Approval & Launch!

We will present the final series of adverts, automation, emails and WhatsApps for you to run through in detail. This meeting may take some time, but it is a full overview of everything we have created before the adverts and campaigns are launched. 

You will suggest any minor changes to the imagery, copy or timing on the automations and ads if necessary, and we will endeavour to launch everything at the end of this meeting. 

Once you are happy, we press the big green button and everything is live! Our work here is done and your automations will continue to trigger. 

Step 4: System Training & Walkthroughs

Once your ads and campaigns have been launched, we will give you access to our training on the automation, CRM and sales system as well as the WhatsApp automation system. These are a combination of 1-on-1 meetings and recording training demos, that are designed to teach you how to use the systems. 

The video series you will have access to for life, and the 1-on-1 training sessions are recorded for you to keep and refer back to when making changes to your campaigns.

We are there to support you ongoing with any technical help on the automation system, and you can always ask questions or advice. We do have optional ongoing monthly consultation sessions available as an optional extra.

We are on hand to create new campaigns and strategies after this point, but it will be an additional charge. 

We have pricing to suit all needs

We know that different businesses have different needs so we work with our partners to find solutions that are right for them, within their budgets, to achieve the results they are looking for.

We work with any size limited company and every partnership starts with a discovery call so if you are interested in seeing a demo of the system, book in your call here!