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Using our CRM and automation solutions, enhance efficiency and nurture your leads with precision. Streamline your customer interactions and automate marketing processes to foster lasting relationships.

Unlock Your Marketing Potential

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, efficiency and precision in customer relationship management and marketing automation are non-negotiable. At TwoThirdsDifferent, we harness the power of advanced CRM and automation solutions to enhance your business operations, nurture leads meticulously, and streamline customer interactions. Our services are designed to foster lasting relationships with your customers through targeted and automated touchpoints.

Why Choose Our CRM and Automation Services?

Enhanced Efficiency
Automate routine tasks and focus on strategic activities that drive business growth.
Lead Nurturing
Use precision targeting to nurture leads through customized interactions at each stage of the customer journey.
Customer Retention
Improve customer retention rates with proactive engagement and personalized service offerings.

Our Process for CRM and Automation

Navigating the complexities of customer relationships and marketing processes requires sophisticated and streamlined solutions. At TwoThirdsDifferent, our CRM and automation services are crafted to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing your operational capabilities without disrupting ongoing activities.

Here’s how we implement our solutions to bring you the best results:

Needs Assessment

We start by understanding your current systems, processes, and challenges. This helps us identify the key areas where CRM and automation can bring the most benefit.

System Customisation

Based on the insights gathered, we craft a comprehensive strategy that addresses your immediate challenges and long-term goals. Our strategies are data-driven and built on proven methodologies.

Workflow Automation

We automate key marketing and customer service workflows to enhance efficiency and consistency in your customer interactions.

Training and Support

Our team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your staff can fully leverage the new systems.

Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

We continuously monitor the systems’ performance to ensure they are delivering the desired results. Regular reports and adjustments are made to optimize performance.

What We Offer

CRM Implementation and Management

Tailor CRM solutions to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in marketing campaigns, from email marketing to social media postings and beyond.

Customer Segmentation

Implement advanced segmentation to tailor marketing efforts based on customer behaviour and preferences.

Lead Scoring and Management

Use sophisticated scoring algorithms to prioritize leads based on their potential to convert.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into customer behaviors and campaign effectiveness with comprehensive analytics tools.

Through our CRM and automation services, TwoThirdsDifferent empowers your business to operate more efficiently while enhancing the quality of customer interactions, ensuring every touchpoint is an opportunity for growth.

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