Utilising Instagram Reels as a Business Tool for Exposure and Engagement

Posting videos instead of regular images on Instagram is the latest craze and can elevate your following by thousands. Noticeably, one Instagram user put this to the test, by posting a new IG reel every day for a month. This led her to gaining an increase of 2,800 followers. Who would have thought that virtual videos had such power to them? Instagram sure guessed it, as did the likes of TikTok and YouTube. So, what are the best ways of utilising reels to elevate your business’ exposure? Here are the latest insights on how you can accelerate your engagement through reels.


Consistency is a proven factor that can help you reach new audiences and sell your products online. You might be wondering, but what type of video content should I be posting? Well, it appears to be that funny, relatable, and useful types of content are the most popular. So tailor your creative ideas around these subheadings and you will certainly attract new audiences on Instagram.

Why Reels?

Instagram states that reels offer “anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage.” For independent brands and rising businesses, this means that Instagram is opening up a new opportunity for us to engage with potential customers, while also raising brand awareness. Most importantly, Instagram reels offer a short-form video engagement and are a unique content creation tool in comparison to the older features on the platform.

For example, the main forms of content on Instagram include:

  1. Creating content on your Instagram feed, which can lead to an unlimited engagement, depending on how enticing your imagery is.
  2. Creating Instagram Stories, with a maximum of up to 15 seconds per clip.
  3. Creating Instagram Reels with a maximum duration of 30 seconds per video.
  4. Hosting a Live video stream with up to 60 minutes of content creation time.
  5. Creating an IGTV video with 10 – 60 minutes depending on whether you are a verified account or not.

So within each of these forms of communication that come with using Instagram, reels are essentially an elevation from the traditional ‘story’ function. Instead of creating a ‘story’ for only your followers to see, ‘reels’ enable a wider engagement with new audiences who you are not yet connected with. This is what makes reels a valuable tool for you to adopt in your digital marketing regime as you are guaranteed to reach and attract new customers.


Looking for some reel inspiration? Here’s a selection of successful ways that different brands have implemented the reel function to advertise their brands:

  • Marks & Spencer’s reinvention of a traditional TV advertisement, featuring the popular actor Fred Sirieix. The text subtitles ensure that the content is accessible for all audiences. Alongside the professional video and sound editing, which seamlessly displays the playful storyline. It’s clear that this reel is made with M&S’ target audience in mind.
  • Kate Spade NY shows an engaging way of connecting with influencers as an effective and subtle form of presenting new fashion products, through the luxury village lifestyle created by Paula Sutton (@hillhousevintage).
  • Baked By Benji’s enticing behind-the-scenes baking video, which features a popular soundtrack and close-up, point of view angle, insights new audiences about how they can make their own scrumptious and sweet snack.
  • Sky Garden uses the reel function to advertise the different sessions and activities that they offer in their building, including weekend yoga workouts. Through their reel they give a teaser of what one can expect when visiting their space, while simultaneously amplifying the popularity of their venue.
  • Chopra initiated audience participation in their interpretation of the reel as the wellness and lifestyle brand adopted the simple form of a post-it note as a way to communicate an endearing message for audiences to send to their loved ones online. The light melody of music in the video, echoes the simplicity of this in an effective and memorable way.

So, are reels really worth it?

Instagram overtly explains that the reel section has been implemented as “People tell us they want to see entertaining, funny, and interesting content in places like the reels tab, and we’ve gotten better at recommending that.” It is therefore clear that Instagram is catering to the demand of video entertainment, that most audiences seek to engage with on their smartphones or digital devices. Reels are becoming one of the best organic methods to push all forms of engagement.  The reels option features directly in the middle of the navigation bar, increasing the exposure and likeliness that new audiences will see your video.

It’s worth remembering that Instagram decides who to show your in-feed content to based on several factors, including: interest, relationship and according to the Facebook Business for Instagram. Did you know that 84% of people prefer viewing videos rather than photos, and in-feed content gets the most comments? This means that if you’re more interested in producing imagery for your feed, stick with this as you are more likely to have engagement through comments. But as for reels, they are more fast paced and you’re likely to attain a larger viewing count. It therefore comes as no surprise that the majority of people who use the reels are 87% Gen-Z. This is where you have to factor in, who your target audience is and how you want them to engage with your content.  Ultimately, Instagram’s potential reach is a staggering 928 million users, so your reach is limitless - engage with creating a reel today and you're certain to connect with new audiences.

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