The Ultimate Kickstart to Understanding UTMs

UTMs are a buzzword in the marketing world, and here is why. In the midst of conversations surrounding ‘conversion rates’ and ‘metric analysis’, UTM’s are the middle man. 

Standing for ‘Urchin Tracking Module’, UTM’s are codes which can enable you to track the performance of digital marketing campaigns. It is a simple code that can be attached to any URL link to generate data for Google Analytics. This is an ideal system to ensure that you are monitoring your campaigns performance – establishing what is working well and what isn’t. Most importantly, through this process you can identify ways to enhance your sales and brand engagement.


One example, to give you an insight as to what a UTM tracking link looks like, is this one by the business coach Lilach Bullock. She generated a link in the following format which is attached to her social media platforms and online articles looking like this:

As you will see, the first part of the link represents the landing page for the site that she wants you to visit. Then following this, the source (Facebook), medium (Social) and campaign (Sale), are all UTM codes which have been added to the end of her web link. This means that she can now track those elements of code and look at the user engagement from behind-the-scenes.


So how does this impact conversion rates? Well, are you sending customers to your website and unsure of whether they are engaging with your content and spending time on your page? UTM’s offer an advantage as you can begin to see where your purchases and engagement are coming from on your site.


Even social media metrics have the power to illuminate content surrounding your brand and show you how you can continue to elevate your business. With UTM’s and google data it is important to be aware of the way metrics can grow your potential audience. In terms of engagement, conversion and consumer there is plenty of information to dissect.


As a brand looking to heighten your digital footprint, it is important to develop new strategies to identify how you can create success online. In order to have accurate data, you need the leverage of UTM tracking links. Each UTM parameter is split into three elements – the source, the medium and the campaign. With an awareness of each of these, you will be able to effectively track and understand your data.


Now you have your understanding of UTM links under your belt, here is how you track the data. By using your Google Analytics account, all you need to do is go to Acquisition > Campaigns and then you can see the results of each of your links. You will also have access to the basic information about your site’s traffic – delving into each source. With information such as the bounce rate, how many pages were viewed, the duration of each session etc. This is plenty of information to start bringing in the success of future campaigns.

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