Five Top Tips for Creating an Impactful and Bespoke Advertisement 

Let’s position ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. It’s their lunch break and they are checking on their latest social media feed. What do they see? An advert, after an advert, after an advert. Then suddenly, your advert appears. This is the crucial moment. Do they swipe past it, or do they take a moment to engage with the message behind the visuals which you are presenting to them?


In the age of digital media, where advertisements are hidden in plain sight, it is more important than ever to create a visual impact that stands out from the rest. How do you do this you might ask? Well, creating a bespoke advert is the starting point. Here are five top tips for creating an advanced and impactful advert, which is guaranteed to compel your audience and encourage them to stop and take action!


  1.     Be Solution Focused

In the first few moments of your advert, it is essential to address the solution that your product or service offers. Show your audience that you’re not just another glossy advertisement selling a dream or unrealistic fantasy. Instead, bring them into your world and show them how they will benefit from being a part of your product or service. The best way to do this is by presenting the solution that comes with investing into your brand. How are you going to transform their current situation? Whether it is through a new clothing product, or a specialism that you are seeking new clients for - it is vital that you offer an easy ride for your potential customers. Leading with the solution that they are looking for will encourage them to engage with your brand and buy from your merchandise or services.



  1.     Lead with your USP 

Now is your time to stand out from the crowd. Like I mentioned before, creating an impactful advertisement amid a million other advertisements is what we are competing against. So, here’s where tapping into your unique selling point will take your advertisement to the next level. Demonstrate the way in which your service or product is unique from your competitors. Show your audience how buying into your brand is an experience that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. One way to do this is by unpacking what makes your brand unique in comparison to your competitors. Every brand has an individual story which led them to where they are today. By subtly interweaving this into the way that you communicate your advertisements, this will create a more emotional and sincere engagement with your audience. 



  1.     Understand your audience

 There’s nothing worse than a product or service that is detached from their consumer. When marketing your brand in any advertisement or digital marketing campaign, it is mandatory that you lead with your audience in mind. This is the perfect moment to show your audience that you know them personally and are aware of what they are looking for and how you can bring this to them. For example, by subconsciously creating a feel of a community, you can elevate your brand’s reliability and evoke trust in your audience. This can be done through announcing brand specific stats and engagement in a way to uplift the success of your latest products or services. Alternatively, by inserting customer testimonials or reviews this can further convey a sense of community surrounding your brand. Most importantly, your audience wants to know that you are a legitimate brand and are true to your word. So, show that you know them, by getting familiar with what they are truly looking for. 



  1.     Tone of Voice

Whether your advertisement is being presented on a social media feed or on your website, it is key that you represent your brand with a clear and distinctive tone of voice. Remember, when your audience is reading all forms of your communication, such as your product description, Instagram post, Facebook advertisement, LinkedIn post, or the blog on your website. They are not just reading your material. But they are discovering and inadvertently picking up the essence of your brand and service. The consumer in the digital age is savvier than they once were. So, they can detect whether your brand is a scam or not (obviously your brand is not going to even be touching the sense of the word scam!). But let's keep it real, the tone of voice is the determining factor of whether your brand is going to be received as legit or not. So, if there is a crack in the works of how your copy is reaching your audience - they will identify this, and your brand reliability will go out of the window. Keep your grammar, enthusiasm and engagement, as the central factors when developing your tone of voice - both in copywriting and when featuring live models or narrations to feature in your advertisements. 



  1.     Visual attention to detail 

Bespoke is defined as “made for a particular customer or user” which is another element that will elevate the expression of your advertisement. By creating an engaging and innovative visual experience for your audience, when generating the ideas for your advertisement this will make your content stand out from the rest. Having a strong eye for detail, underpinning the creative direction of your advert, is key. From visual mise-en-scene to video editing techniques, to your choice of audio - these are the fundamental aspects that can define how seriously your advert is taken by your audience. 


Returning back to the idea of putting yourself inside of your audience’s shoes, think about what creates a tasteful representation of your brand and how this can be enjoyed by them. Afterall, entertainment is the leading ethos behind digital advertisements on the likes of social media platforms, so consider this when creating your bespoke advertisement. Think about what is going to keep them on the edge of their seat and wanting to stop all that they are doing to stay engaged and most importantly buy into your advertisement.  


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