Enhance Your Brand with an Engaging and Individualised Aesthetic

To create a memorable expression online, it is essential to have an impactful visual aesthetic. This begins in the creation of your branding, website and then transcends into the space of your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media accounts.  As a rising business, your branding is a key part of the advertising. Your brand identity is what sticks with consumers and influences your audience on whether they do or do not want to buy from your service. 


The look of your media pages is therefore essential. Your brand image, colours and style can make a huge difference in how your clients and customers view you as a company. By using powerful visual aesthetics you can give your brand an edgy feel, so always experiment and test out your aesthetic before launching it. Therefore if you have a poor brand aesthetic, you are less likely to engage with these potential customers and clients. 


Today let’s delve into some of the best brands who are adopting their digital presence to create a lifestyle and visual identity. These websites are examples of sleek aesthetics that draw in customers or clients to the page. It’s important to keep the look professional and neat in order to make your company look better.


Top Five Brands with Seamless Branding Between Their Websites and Instagram Accounts:

The beauty brand Glossier is a star of the show when it comes to digital marketing. Not only are they regularly influencing audiences through their collaborations with celebrities and influencers. But they also create engaging content through reels, and attractive photography which displays their products in an appealing way for a beauty consumer. Their clean, monochromatic colour scheme with pops of colour to represent their products, creates a memorable experience for their customers. 


The Scandinavian wall art brand, Desenio, is a great example of a homeware brand who are using Instagram effectively to extend their website. Their branding is minimalistic and they lead with their products. This makes a great user experience, as the positioning of the frames and artwork in living spaces shows an audience how they can imagine themselves stylising the art that they buy. In particular, the neutral colours on their highlight reels further echoes the colour scheme from their site and the hues from their collage displays. 


  • Vans (Shoe Brand) 

When it comes to thinking about a brand who have successfully shaped their product into a lifestyle, Vans immediately comes to mind. With their website leading with images of skaters and young people engaging with sporty activities, they are instantly connecting with their desired audience. Likewise, on Instagram, the captivating photography and brand expression represents their shoes in the environments that they are best suited to. This creates a dynamic feel for the brand and consumer. 


Waitrose are a popular supermarket, who have also understood the importance of creating a positive imprint on social media. Their instagram account effectively mirrors the style and tone of their brand. On their website, the distinctive green and white branding is foreshadowed with eye-catching pinks and bold red tones to draw an audience into their sales and special offers. While their IG account is the primary space for their personal collaborations and lifestyle representations of glossy food images. This is a great way of showcasing their brand as more than a food business. 


  • ASOS (Fashion Brand) 

ASOS is an exceptionally popular brand when it comes to Instagram. With both influencers and everyday consumers tagging their latest products, their feed potential is enormous. This means that they can optimise their IG account with user-generated content on a regular basis, showing that their brand is popular and admired. Likewise, on their main website they have wide angle shots showing young models wearing their brands. Ultimately, building a community and shared experience in the fashion world. 


To summarise, before launching off and creating new content to revamp your social media pages. It is essential to remember that keeping your brand identity as the main focus is important. By having a clear understanding of what your brand is made to communicate, this will help you to configure what style of imagery and content your audience will most enjoy. So, with these examples in your mind - what brand content are you going to make today? 

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